Of Moose And Men

by Uigg

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Uigg's sophomore release features well crafted songs that are as crushing and heavy as they are catchy and hummable. This album tells an epic tale of destruction, renewal, warfare, and wilderness, with the final battle between man and moose on the line.


released September 13, 2011

Album cover artwork by Tyler Noiles www.tylernoiles.com Additional artwork and layout by Danny Dowling
All tracks recorded by Uigg at various locations, except drums recorded by Nick Tipe at Song Tree Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Gaudette. Produced by Uigg.
UIGG is:
Derrick Doucette - Drums
Ryan Hale - Bass and Divebombs
Chris Doucette - Guitar
Chris Gaudette - Guitar
Danny Dowling - Vocals
All songs written by UIGG except for: Endless Suffocation and Crawl, written by UIGG and Craig St. Jean.
www.uigg.ca www.facebook.com/uiggmusic uigg.bandcamp.com
All songs © 2011 UIGG



all rights reserved


UIGG Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Uigg is
Derrick D - Drums
Ryan H - Bass
Chris D - Guitar
Chris G - Guitar
Danny D - Vocals

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Track Name: Endless Suffocation
It's crawling up inside me
Resting deep in my throat
The urge is always there
I need to breathe
And I try to scream
While you're trying to die
It's so hard to breathe
When you're left behind
I can't find any reason
To hide your face anymore
My fingers grip the mask
To open up the sores
And I try to breathe
But you're trying to die
And I'm trying to see
But I'm going blind
Endless suffocation
Track Name: Of Moose And Men
His world will end in moments
As it's all in your hands
Feed off the Sickness breeding
Cull him from the herd
Hope ends now
This is your illness
Rotting inside you
Ruptures within you
It will consume, consume you
Born to consume
The charade is over
The monster consumes you
Choke on the power
It's intoxication
So intoxicating
Track Name: Sinking
You've held me down for so long
All light has faded away
I've had enough of waiting
I need this release
And I'm so tired of sinking
You've made me forget how to swim
Ease your grip on my body
Now let me rise again
Let me rise up again
Won't you let me rise
And all that's left to cling to
A wasted burnt out life
A stain of what you were to everyone but me
I'll drag you down with me
If you don't let me go
While I'm sinking you will suffer
You need to let me rise
Track Name: Buckshot
I want to lick you off of broken glass
Get myself so sick on your taste
Cut my mouth into little pieces
Give me all I can take
And I can't stop staring
At the scattered wreckage
What we created
Now bleeds us dry
And I can't stop staring
At all the damage
Now shoot me down
And drain me dry
Use me up and erase me
All I am is time to waste
Your mouth is a loaded gun
My fingers all over you trigger
Buckshot rip through my body
Lock me up I'm loaded
Bleed me dry
Track Name: Master Hunter
Feel the burn and swallow it down
Take another just to stay on the edge
Get lost in the liquid bliss
Stumble through the crowded chaos
Obliterate this madness
Wipe it off and throw it away
One more to keep me numb
One more to forget it all
Casualty of the night
Hunted after Dark
Drowning passes the time
Oh sweet oblivion
Taste the bitter ice cold sting
Beware the huntress eyes
Feel the shattered emerald glass
Dive in and feel the fall
Track Name: Loose Ends
Fate threw us in the same direction
Holding on while the city burns
We get lost in each other's madness
Despite our lessons learned
Bonds forged to be broken quickly
Expectation wasn't part of the game
A blatant invitation never the need for shame
Don't hold on to tomorrow
Because you'll lose it today
Let go of tomorrow
You won't remember this way
I'm too busy picking up pieces to help you with your loose ends
I'm not here to heal your open wounds
I'm not the means to reach your end
Hold me down against the broken glass
Dig your claws into my skin
Run your lips across my next
Let go of inhibition
We're just here so we forget
A distraction from destruction
A cold kiss from strangers lips
A chaotic seduction
You can't pick up these pieces
While trying to cut those loose ends
I'm left counting these pieces
While I wait for the end
Track Name: Monstrosity
Lying weakened so addicted
Skin gone pale bitter cold
Choking on the pills
Gasping for one final breath
Dilated eyes
Swimming in the endless void
So dependent feel withdrawal
Crawling under skin burn away
I grow just like a tumour
Control your every move
Walking away from me
Leaving exit wounds
I am your growing tumour
I am your exit wound
Track Name: Thrown To Wolves
Watching me die, your arms open widely
Choke on the ashes of words meant for me
Throw me to wolves as I struggle to save you
Betrayer of trust, master of deceit
Thrive on the chaos you're always creating
I should have known better than to have it end this way
Hold me close as you hold it against me
Silent screaming as the choir sings
Make your escape as I'm thrown to the wolves
So sing your song and let me fall
As you rip me to pieces
The words you chose to leave me with
Forever poison me
So sing your song and leave me here
The subject of denial
A passing thought that always brought something not meant to be
This wound has only widened
We've no words to stitch it closed
There was no need to stand here bleeding
Stain my skin as the plan unfolds
The smoke has cleared, I see through the black
The knife at your throat now sits in my back
You were the one, the only one
Whose eyes I could see myself in
I lay a twisted broken frame sitting here in your mind
Nothing is left to be imagined
Everything is said, all the pieces played
And as this winter begins I'll watch it all as I let you slip away
So hold it close as you hold it against me
Silent screaming as the choir sings
Architect of my betrayal
Manipulator of my puppet strings
Track Name: Legion
We are legion for I am many
I am legion for we are one
This is the image, the glorious order
United we stand as our numbers swell
This was the choice that you made and you loved it
You danced in the streets as you damned us to hell
Our generation first spoon fed then slaughtered
You loved every minute of watching us fail
Lie to us nightly to keep us in order
Holding us back as you're twisting the nail
Campaign of fear fed by ashes of ancestors
Stagnant and stale it's poisoning us all
This is the moment remembered forever
The moment we rise we're expected to fall
Track Name: Sycophant
I still remember the burn of glistening steel
The poison in those words
It was that moment I truly saw you
A lust filled glutton with carnivorous eyes
Feed on betrayal wielding razors from within
Sink your teeth in a brand new victim
Watch them crumble, suck them dry
Take them down and you're slowly sinking
To the place where the fallen lie
Drag me down
A simple yearning, it cannot be denied
The sickening need for your taste
Beyond obsession and far beyond
Any form of self destruction
Track Name: Crawl
So weak and your grasping at straws
Your words are no surprise
Tactics are tired and sickening
You've fooled no one but yourself
Strings have been severed
You've no more hold
You didn't deserve the chance you had
Crawl away now, coward
Hide behind history
Poorly veiled threats
Hints at blackmail
You're worthless
Stand up so I can spit in your face
And call you the coward you are
You can't even look me in the eye
You worthless waste of skin
Crawl like a coward
Die like the weak
Track Name: Onslaught
The sky is burning as the masses flee
WIndows shatter from the deafening roar
The earth trembles under cloven hooves
Here stands the bringer of death
Awakened from within
We shall rise against him
Show no mercy
Feel our wrath
Slaughter the cervidae
End the madness
Let the blood flow
Deluge of death
This campaign of carnage
Ensures our survival
The eradication ensures we shall thrive
Drown in the deluge of death